Custom Products

FML manufacturing specializes in custom manufacturing of steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, and poly products. We strive to create the best in machined custom tools.


We also specialize in muzzle devices with distinct advantages over the competition. Custom made, Highly crafted products.


Custom Tooling for specialized jobs to cut the time of technicians and repair times in half and keep production going forward.

The Raptor Muzzle Brake

The Raptor brake is a 2.2″ long muzzle adapter made specifically for 1/2 x 28 tpi “AR-15 style rifle” chambered in .223/5.56 especially for 14.5″ barrel lengths. when installing this brake on your 14.5″ barrel using the pin and weld method gives the end user a legal 16″ barrel and avoids going through the process of obtaining an SBR tax stamp, trust, and engraving the firearm as per ATF regulations.

Custom muzzle brakes

Need a brake and no one has it in your thread pitch? Not a problem. We can make you a custom brake that has what you need.

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