FML_Machine Crafting


FML manufacturing specializes in custom machining of steel products. We strive to create the best in machined custom tools.

FML Machining Custom Tooling

Custom Machining

We create custom, on demand machined products. Our clients simply send us their desire and we produce.

FML Tools Crafted

Machining made easy

FML Machining takes pride in creating products specifically designed to fit our clients needs.

Bushing/Bearing driving tool.

Cutting your time in half by getting you the custom tools you need to finish the job and increase your productivity. We Machine craft almost any design from scratch with your design and need in mind. Because building the ideal tool for a job is what we do best! From blue printing to fabrication FML Machining can make your need a reality.

Threaded end caps

Threaded end caps/plugs

Sometimes your ideas only need a small part to complete and by having that one part you can multiply your effectiveness in your field and complete that project when no other could. Because crafting problem solving solutions is our passion and because crafting machined tools is our craft our customers come out on top. Satisfaction is our goal and quality machined crafted tools

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Interested in our services for custom Machining? Send us your information and we’ll respond with a quote for our services.