Don’t just dream it, Build it

Our Approach

Our vision at FML Machining is to be the outlet for the person with a dream and help them make it a reality. Because FML Machining is a unique experience.

FML Machining is uniquely different in that we focus on the relationship with our customer to get their idea from imagination to paper, to a physical working prototype so they can reach their next goal.

Because our process at FML Machining can be as simple as an E-mail of your desired project and as in-depth as speaking face to face with you. We doubt that you will find the same passion that we have for your project elsewhere on the market.

Our Story

Starting this journey of FML Machining January of 2020, has been a long time coming. Starting out machining engine blocks at a local technical school decades ago when I knew that I wanted to fix, repair and create parts and tools for people, so they could complete their jobs faster. Having 20 years of experience in the automotive field I noticed that parts and tools never stayed the same for very long and because the need for specialty tools and parts grows every year just in this field alone I started seeing how much faster a technician can complete a job with proper tooling made by FML. As a result this became my inspiration. Fabricating quality machined tools so that others can move to the next job with more efficiency. Which increases increases productivity and profit.

Meet the Team

Our team is an experienced and dedicated force with your end goals in mind. Conveniently at your disposal to get the job done right. Because at FML Machining “we don’t just dream it, we build it.”



“Don’t just dream it, Build it”

Next Steps…

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