The Raptor brake is a 2.2″ long muzzle adapter made specifically for 1/2 x 28 tpi “AR-15 style rifle” chambered in .223/5.56 especially for 14.5″ barrel lengths. when installing this brake on your 14.5″ barrel using the pin and weld method gives the end user a legal 16″ barrel and avoids going through the process of obtaining an SBR tax stamp, trust, and engraving the firearm as per ATF regulations.


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This Rapture Muzzle Brake offers 3 main advantages over other muzzle devices.

1: The construction is 4140 carbon alloy steel containing:

  • chromium,
  • molybdenum,
  • and manganese.

It is an excellent material choice due to:

  • its toughness,
  • high fatigue strength,
  • abrasion
  • and impact resistance.

2: The dimension of this brake not only lends itself well to avoiding legal red tape using a 14.5″ barrel but the diameter is approximately 0.725″ meaning: on a standard gas block diameter of 0.750″ after installing the brake, using the pin and weld method you can still remove every thing off the barrel after installation, so if you wanted to use a different fore grip or try a new gas block there is no need to cut or grind off the brake.

3: Uses a combination of muzzle brake and flash hider design that not only aids in mitigating muzzle rise, but also brakes up flash signal in low light conditions. Also by only using the 3 long longitudinal ports for expanding gasses are angled in 30,90, and 150 degrees causing concussive forces to be directed up, and to the sides vertically. This is a feature that fellow shooters to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions will appreciate by:

  • having less blast directed towards them
  • and also helps the prone shooter to avoid kicking up dirt, dust and debris during shots.

The nature of a Muzzle Break is to redirect a portion of propellant gases to counter recoil.

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